3 days off – of school!

November 20, 2012

Family, Mom

Ok, today my boys go to school. And then I will be home with them for three days. 3 days. THREE DAYS. Then the weekend… making a total of FIVE DAYS. Good thing I love them so much. My kids were funny while Mamaw was here. She asked the Oldest to help her buckle her shoes. He said it was find, he understood how things got more difficult for the elderly. What? That sounds more like an adult than a 10 year old!

To add to the humor… the table talk the last night was great.

Mom: How was dinner?
Oldest: Great. Mamaw is a better cook than you are.
Mamaw: *blink*
Me: *big smile*
Youngest: Mamaw is the second best cook. The Japanese restaurant has the best cook ever.

Did you catch that? I wasn’t even mentioned! hahahaha. Gotta love those boys!


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