Mamaw gone and Black Friday almost here

November 19, 2012

Mom, pd

Wow. I can’t believe my mom is gone. I miss her. I see the dishes and think of her. I see the laundry and think of her. Ha ha ha ha. She was a great help around the house. I miss her more because I got to really talk to her and run around with her. Something that doesn’t usually happen when we visit during the holidays. I even gained 2 pounds! Loved the great eating! And then all of that hit me square in the face when I realized this Friday is … Black Friday. Ugh.

Last two years, I actually went out on Black Friday. This year. I don’t think I will do it. We can order stuff. Well, not the guitar. My youngest still wants a guitar. Then there is the best dr strings at Musicians friend. If you have a guitar you need extra strings. Take a look at previous posts and you know my family is now a musical family. The oldest with a drum set, the youngest with piano and trumpet. You will also see in previous posts that the youngest has asked for a guitar for almost 6 months now. If I can just hold him off til summer. I don’t see how we can fit one more instrument in our schedule right now!

The youngest really wants legos as well. You can ask my mom… we do NOT need legos. But he loves to put together the sets. The oldest… doesn’t know what he wants. Which is hard. I know he wants more video games but can’t have the ones he would really like. We do limit them to which games they can have. As it is, I had to take Safari and Google off their iPads. He would go watch videos of the games and then freak out on me. Let’s stay away from Halo a while longer. I’ll keep listening and try to hear what he may want that we can buy… wish me luck!


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