Minecraft Lego – NOT

November 29, 2012


My boys saw on the minecraft site that there are lego kits. On their site they are $34.99 and NOT available. Ok, no problem we’ll search else where. D’oh. Go ahead, search for it. My husband found one site offering it for $109. No joke. On ebay there is a “buy it now” for $130. No way am I paying that much for that kit.

Seriously people. It’s legos. I could probably go through my kids legos and find all the colors and put them together. Only pieces missing would be the painted faces of the creatures… and I’m just not good enough artist to paint it on some of them. The kit is TINY. Take a look at the dimensions of it. Dimensions: 4.8 ” H x 5.55 ” W x 4.8 ” L.

Yaa, I would love for my kids to get the kit… but not for those prices.


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