My friend is traveling

November 26, 2012

Mom, pd

I have a friend in Alabama who decided over Thanksgiving to travel to Texas. To visit her sister. Luckily her sister was not going crazy and having dinner held in one of the banquet halls in dallas tx. You think I’m joking? I’m not. Her sister is into big parties, big everything. Well, except clothes. Her sister is gorgeous and keeps her self in great shape. Still, while she is an elegant kind of gal, she has no problem going to dallas tex mex restaurants if you want to give one a try.

Her two kids need nothing. She is also great with money. She has saved, scrimped and put away enough that the oldest is going to college and there are no worries about the second kid getting into college. She tried to get me to take my kids down to Miami and have them do photo shoots. Said there is a lot of money in it… particular for cute boys. And yes, other people thought my boys were cute when they were younger. I just didn’t want to put the effort out for it. Looking at what she saved and is doing now… I am kicking myself.

I could be flying to Texas and having the ability to look at banquet halls in dallas tx to see about graduation for my boys… The amount of money that flows if your children get picked for ads or magazines is great. And after a year or two, we could have been done with enough money to pay for both of them to go to college… any place they made it to… ugh. I talked to an acquaintance from the boys pre-school days… her daughter did do the photo shoot stuff in Miami. That is how I know about the money. Wow. She was willing to talk to me about it. The hard part was she had to go to Miami, or sometimes over to Orlando. It was time consuming and costs money if you stayed overnight. Which was likely to happen. And you were NOT guaranteed to get picked. Yikes. Oh well, that is the past. I’m looking towards the future. Who knows, I might just win the Lottery! ;-)


One Response to “My friend is traveling”

  1. Peter Says:

    Oh, heck, you could come some fifty miles out of Dallas and I could take your boys shootin’! Hurry up and win that lottery!