The countdown has started

November 26, 2012


Actually it started last week, but is being mentioned every waking moment now. Countdown to… getting a new dog. An unnamed new dog. Marco, Dakota and Rolo are the running favorites. Not sure what his name will be until he gets here. Sort of like our children. It took us a couple of days to agree to a name AFTER they were born. Hospital personal did NOT like that, by the way.

Either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning, a new family member will be here. Wish me luck!


4 Responses to “The countdown has started”

  1. pam Says:

    Good luck! LOL! Have your crate set up already? Toys bought? A new baby… [sigh]

  2. Bou Says:

    Hi. I’m VW. I don’t have enough on my plate with two crazy boys,Boy Scouts, swim practice, music lessons, a husband, and a job full of whacky engineers. I’m going to add another mammal to my home. Just to add some dimension to my otherwise boring life…


  3. vwbug Says:

    Pam: Crate, bowls, toys, brush, leash, collar… just missing a name.
    Bou: Bwa hahahaha. Yaa… just another dimension. Goodness forbid I join anything else or get anything else. ;-)

  4. Bou Says:

    You feel this next comment coming, right? Hmm. Let me see… three years ago? Four?

    VW: “Bou. Practice after me… NO. It’s a word. Say it repeat it. NO. Why do you get involved with so much stuff? Why do you keep saying yes?”

    Bou: “Just wait. Just… wait…”