Tick Tick Tick

November 30, 2012


Tomorrow morning we get the puppy… now what to name it!!!

6 Responses to “Tick Tick Tick”

  1. pam Says:

    LOL@ Bou!

    So… this morning! Congratulations and good luck! :D

  2. Bou Says:

    Name? He is so brown…

  3. Peter Says:

    If you wait a few days the puppy will tell you his(?) name.

  4. bou Says:

    Peter- I’m waiting to hear how the first day goes when she has to leave the poor puppy at home while she goes to work. I think she’s going to not want to go to work!

  5. vwbug Says:

    It got named Champ! Sweet and smart dog. I’m in so much trouble. And yes, it is going to be short days for a couple of days at work… sigh.