What not to do…

November 13, 2012


My mom wanted to go to a couple of different places yesterday. And she said I could make a couple of stops. Well… a couple turned into seven. Seven. And the last one was the worst. It was at the mall and the two places she wanted to go to were at opposite ends of the mall. I thought she was going to beat me by the end of it. GRIN. Doesn’t help that I can’t remember our mall stores. I go for something specific when I go and get out. I’m not use to knowing what is where… ask Bou, I call her half the time to ask where something is and hope she knows!

Still… it was GREAT getting to talk to my mom and discuss all the craziness in my life. And to have someone go around and do stuff with…. yep, life is great.


3 Responses to “What not to do…”

  1. bou Says:

    And I pretty much never know! I know like three stores… and the anchors. I keep a map of the mall in my car, sometimes I google it when you call, and have been known to call my husband’s office and ask his receptionist where a store is to make my trip quick.

  2. vwbug Says:

    We need to find someone who has it memorized… make our lives easier.

  3. Bou Says:

    We need to find a REAL girl. Evidently, we’re fakes. ;-)

    BTW, happy birthday to your Mom!