Job Hunting

December 24, 2012

Mom, pd

I have a couple of friends looking for jobs. One is in quality control, the other is IT. What a variance. I’m just happy they did not need to get lawyers for when they got laid off. I know I have seem some places you can get one. Like the ability to find a San Diego employment lawyer. I know I joke about lawyers but in general they are needed. I have known people who were harassed in the workplace or laid off unfairly. Heck, I was harassed once… but it didn’t last because I confronted the idiot. Not all people have the backbone to do that… besides I wasn’t worried if I lost my job or got information written in my ‘personal’ file. But for some… that is not so easy and that’s when we need the lawyers. Ok, off my soap box… If you know of any decent Quality Control jobs from Alabama to Florida or IT in south Florida, pass the word on to me!


2 Responses to “Job Hunting”

  1. Bou Says:

    I know someone who needs a good software engineer in Pensacola, but not down where we are.

  2. Bou Says:

    Merry Christmas… btw.