Feeling better helps me write posts!

January 6, 2013

Mom, pd

Not that I’m completely well. At least I am getting some sleep at night. In fact, the boys and I have been talking about snow. The fact they have never really seen snow. I was thinking it would be cool to look at rental homes in fayetteville nc or any where in NC where there might be snow. And this city is central to so many things. I have taken different vacations in NC in my youth and loved it in that state. Though I don’t see much snow for the next couple of weeks. Cold weather but not snow. Darn. Maybe we can go closer to home to find it. Georgia? Sigh. Guess I’ll keep looking. I was hoping to just take a weekend trip and keep it simple and cheap. Yaaa, I have my rose colored glasses on right now.


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  1. Kerstin Mainord Says:

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