It’s the start of a new year

January 6, 2013

Mom, pd

My dishwasher isn’t working, neither is my dryer. Happy New Year. I was thinking that maybe I needed to get into a new job field to really add to the excitement. How about marketing like triangle direct? Then again, I tried to do sales and I really stink at it… guess I should stay away and leave it to those already doing it right. If I could find a good manager, I have a couple of business ideas… I just don’t want to do all the work. With a dog, 2 kids, homework, housework, a hubby and a part time job… I can’t manage a new business. And since a new business doesn’t pay off for a couple of years, I can’t afford it either. Not with everything not working anymore. Ugh. Ok, back to researching dryers and if this is something we can fix…


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