My Office Worker

January 7, 2013


Last year (love saying that), my son was a health inspector. Back in November I wrote this quick post on it. Never did follow up to show any pictures. Doesn’t he look handsome?

And way to grown up. He was earning his salary. Which once he got paid, he had a break at a certain time and could go spend it! I loved the set up they did. He really learned how to use a check book and what it meant to get paid and how it helped the economy. I was happy I was able to participate.


3 Responses to “My Office Worker”

  1. Bou Says:

    Oh my kids did this ! They LOVED IT! I think T was the Mayor. Ringo owned the electronics store.

    I’m so glad they re-opened. They were closed for Bones’ year. I volunteered both times and had a blast. Once I worked the bank. Another time I think I did stuff with paychecks or something.

  2. Bou Says:

    Wait. This was at his school? There used to be a place called Biztown off of 45th Street. It was crazy cool.

  3. vwbug Says:

    Yaa, not at 45th anymore… they travel to the schools. I loved it.