New Year Resolutions – baw hahahaha

January 1, 2013


Found these on the web and thought they fit me just right… though I doubt any of them will be my resolutions… I have children… not going to stop repeating myself any time soon. GRIN

“I hereby resolve to:”

• Try and drive at or under the speed limit … at least when I’m not hungry, tired or late.

• Keep my opinions to myself (yeah, right).

• Wear something other than sweat pants to the grocery store

• Stop repeating myself again, and again, and again.

• Wear something other than sweat pants to the grocery store … oops … there I go again!

• Enjoy the sweeter side of life – M&Ms, Hershey kisses, candy corns, and cheesecake and …

• Kick the caffeine habit – hey, why does my over-sized coffee mug smell like sweaty socks?

• Read those books I bought 5 years ago on “how to improve my memory” … I keep forgetting to read them.

• Be more decisive … I’ll absolutely try to attempt to think about resolving to be more decisive, if I possibly can.

• Quit making those SAME excuses … I make the same excuses each year, why I’ll do better next year, and it’s getting pretty old – this year I resolve to come up with some new excuses instead.

One Response to “New Year Resolutions – baw hahahaha”

  1. The Gray Monk Says:

    Good start …. A happy New Year to you and yours.