The roar of an engine

January 28, 2013

Mom, pd

My neighbor is making a car. Really. Piece by piece he is putting it together. It is a vintage race car. Though it does not have vintage air conditioning unless you consider the convertible part of it vintage. I have been meaning to take a picture of it now before he puts the body on it. He runs around the block in it to check out the engine. It looks… odd.

But having a car in Florida, I can’t believe he doesn’t have some classic auto air in it versus just the wind. It gets HOT in Florida. Even some of the other classic cars you see like camaros have classic camaro air conditioning. Look at them, you know they have air conditioning. We have one of those running around the neighborhood as well. Haven’t seen it in a while though. But it would have the windows up in summer… they had air conditioning.

Still, I can’t wait to see this car with the body on it. Very sleek, very low to the ground. And now the engine does not sound nearly as loud as it did when he started. My boys have been enjoying asking him questions about it. He always lets them in the garage to check it out. We watched How It Is Made carburetor and then they went and saw it in the car. It is nice we have a neighbor that allows the boys to come around and talk to him. His own boy is in college and away. Maybe he misses his son?

No matter. He comes out to give Champ some snacks, talks to the family, and let’s the boy run in and see how his car is coming along. I really love living here. Yaa, not all neighbors are so nice, but that comes with the territory. You focus on the nice ones and let the others go their own way. Works for me!


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