Champ’s innocent… innocent I tell you

February 1, 2013


I tried to get a picture of him sitting beside me at the computer as he was chewing on the chair. Instead I got this picture:

Makes you think he is sooo sweet and innocent. Bah! He was gnawing away like no tomorrow until I realized it. Big brown puppy eyes. The stinker. Gotta love him!

3 Responses to “Champ’s innocent… innocent I tell you”

  1. pam Says:

    Great picture! He’s growing SO fast!!! :D

  2. vwbug Says:

    yes, yes he is… I’m hoping to get him to a socialization class ASAP… he tries to jump on every dog we meet. Ugh

  3. pam Says:

    That’s the thing with puppies; the first two years are so intensive.