Humor for Wednesday

February 27, 2013


The husband was in pure ecstasy …… a far-away, contented glaze in his eyes and a huge, gentle, knowing smile on his face as he softly murmured.

He was obviously, “totally in the moment” as his wife moved rapidly forward toward him….then equally rapidly, backwards away from him. She was moving in that steady undulating rhythm that he had come to know so well ….first , teasingly rapidly forward, then slowly backwards only to be repeated with increasing pace and anxious determination. Again….back and forth…back and forth…in and out…in and out.

Sometime in one long, steady, drawn-out motion……. sometimes in a series of short urgent spurts of movement….. but always keeping her focus on the same objective.

Her heart was pounding…her face was flushed… she was starting to sweat but she was so totally engrossed in the act that she never recognized it nor would she have cared even if she had recognized it…… her focus was solely and totally upon her husband.

Giving way to her inner feelings, she started to moan….. at first, a soft, barely audible whimper escaped her tightly pursed lips, then, her intensity and passion rising almost as rapidly as her inhibitions were escaping her, she abandoned all pretense.

Her moans rising in volume, frequency and intensity, she began to groan ever louder and louder. She began mumbling several obscene phrases that would make a veteran sailor blush…….

She was totally oblivious to the world around her.

Finally, totally exhausted, she could control herself no longer …… she let out an almighty, ear-piercing scream and shouted,

“OK, OK!…. You’re right !!! I CAN’T park the f..king car! ………

You do it, you SMUG bastard!”

2 Responses to “Humor for Wednesday”

  1. pam Says:

    Holy moly! LOL!

  2. Sticks Says:

    OMG! That would be my sister, Linda. Except she screamed, “you think you can do it better just because you have a peni$!” I died laughing. But, she just couldn’t get that suburban in those tiny parking places in front of the Shaker on P’beach.