Off and On again posts as I am healing

February 20, 2013

Mom, pd

I have been sick. I have an infection that just won’t go away. The last hoorah before surgery is a PICC and IV antibiotics. Here is my PICC:

And here is my portable pump. Since I have to get the IV antibiotics every 12 hours. D’oh. Yes, they started it at midday so that means it will go again at midnight.

With all the stress and frustrations in my life… I would love to have some water garden fountains to walk around and view. I remember when we stayed at the Gaylord, the whole family loved checking out the water gardens and their fountains. Relaxing and no stress would be a wonderful feeling right now. Prayers appreciated asking that this works. But no matter what, this year is going to just get better… it has no where to go but up!


3 Responses to “Off and On again posts as I am healing”

  1. bou Says:

    The portable pump thing is new. I thought it was just every 24 hours. Too bad you can’t have them refill it so you don’t have to do that 2 hour gig every afternoon.

  2. pam Says:

    Well, that just sucks. Praying for you, VW!

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