The battles you pick…

February 15, 2013


It is difficult sometimes to know which battles to pick. Today I saw he had sharpened all of his brand new pencils down to 2 inches in length. Sigh. Not a battle I will pick. I saw his dirty clothes on the floor in the bathroom AGAIN. Ok, this is a battle I will pick. And yes, it feels like a battle some days. It gets old fast. AFter all this time you would think he would get it and not do it. I swear there is a brain cell missing in the area of cleanliness. Help me! I hope his wife is more understanding than I feel today.

3 Responses to “The battles you pick…”

  1. Bob Agard Says:

    Both examples are evidence of brain immaturity. Just pick up the clothes and enjoy him while you have him.

    I just read this from Dr. Bob Godwin at One Cosmos: “Interestingly, I get essentially the same kick out of my son. I feel so privileged to just know this unusual soul, and to be able to interact with him on a day-to-day basis, that it is literally impossible for me to imagine something more meaningful, more joyous, and more conducive to happiness. And it’s a truly egalitarian form of happiness, because it’s available to most everyone.” It is from a post he wrote Thursday on the pursuit of happiness.

    Just whistle, sing, and hum one of your favorite songs while stuffing his clothes in your laundry basket!

  2. Bou Says:

    I’m with Bob. The short pencil thing is a boy/immaturity thing. And the clothes thing? You will fight this until they go to college and then his roommate can fight it… or they can fight each other.

    Just stay consistent about making them pick up their clothes and know that one day that won’t be your problem.

    The battles to pick are REAL cleanliness issues: brushing the teeth, taking the bath, washing the hair, wearing clean clothes. Those are the BIG issues. Oh and keeping the dirty dishes out of the bedroom. We didn’t have to fight that because I banned all eating in any room but the kitchen and dining room. But that is a battle a lot of parents have to fight.

  3. diamond dave Says:

    I wouldn’t pick a battle with the pencils either, but I would tell him those are all he gets until (fill in the blank), so he needs to make them last. If the issue was with his clothes in his own bedroom I wouldn’t pick that battle either but the bathroom is a common area (and I too am anal about clothes all over the bathroom) so I sympathize. If you haven’t already, just leave a hamper or clothes basket easily accessible in the bathroom and encourage him to use it. Hopefully that’ll help.

    A battle that I will fight to the death? Food and drink in the bathroom. That can NEVER be allowed. Ewwww!