The Cleaning Begins

March 25, 2013

Mom, pd

Ok, it is time. I need to buy about 100 plastic storage bins for the kids. To divide up the toys. And clean up my living room. As much as I clean and give/throw away… we collect more. I have yet to figure out how I collect so much stuff. I don’t say junk because it is things we use or occasionally use… and that is what makes it soooo difficult. It would be easier if I had enough money to buy bins to store it in. As it is, it is just all over the place. The best part… is we have a Scout Garage sale coming up… and I’m going to donate anything I can find to get rid of in this house. Phew. Wish us luck!


One Response to “The Cleaning Begins”

  1. Bou Says:

    With the boys growing so fast, I think I have four or five trash bags of clothes for Vietnam Veterans every six months. And shoes. Tons and tons of shoes that nobody can wear. They grow through shoes so fast.

    Bones is now in a 10, nearly a 10 1/2. I think that happened in two years… from a 7 to a 10 1/2.