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July 13, 2013

Mom, pd

My youngest’s piano teacher sent out a note about an upcoming piano event… here is a blurb from it:

Local painters and artists will decorate old pianos donated by the Kretzer Piano Music Foundation and display them in parks, public spaces and businesses…

…pianists of all ages will have an opportunity to show off their talents in public as part of Kretzer Piano Music Foundation’s Keys

Which was cool that she lets us know about events in the area… but she added this to her email “I WILL GIVE 3 STICKERS TO ANY STUDENT WHO GOES TO SEE THESE PIANOS.  YOU’LL GET 2 MORE IF YOU SIT DOWN AND PLAY ONE! “.  D’oh.  Now I will have to hunt down where these pianos will be displayed and see how close they will be to us and when!  It says sometime in November which is during the school year.  But understand that my youngest is all about the bling… and he gets a bust of different composers if he gets so many stickers in a year.  He got Handel last year.

He is also talking about taking guitar lessons, harp lessons and other instruments.  How we will fit all of that into our schedule and where all the money for these lessons will come from is still in question.  It might be cheaper to buy exceptional cakewalk at musicians friend than to get so many lessons.  Then he can just compose on the computer with the right sounds coming out.  Sigh… I know, it’s better to actually play the instrument.  Such is life.  I’ll just have to see what can be done.

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